Nestled in the southern reaches of Sri Lanka, Udawalawa National Park is a true natural treasure and a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. Spread over 30,821 hectares, this protected area is a testament to the island’s commitment to preserving its rich biodiversity.

Wildlife Spectacle: Udawalawa is renowned for its thriving populations of elephants, which roam freely in the park. These gentle giants, often seen in large herds, provide a mesmerizing spectacle as they go about their daily routines.

Diverse Flora and Fauna: Beyond elephants, Udawalawa is home to an array of wildlife. Leopards, water buffaloes, sambar deer, and spotted deer are among the park’s residents. Birdwatchers are in for a treat, with numerous avian species, including the majestic white-bellied sea eagle and colorful Indian peafowl.

Birdwatcher’s Paradise: With its wetlands, grasslands, and water bodies, Udawalawa is a haven for birdlife. Over 200 bird species have been recorded here, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. Keep your binoculars handy for sightings of raptors, waterfowl, and migratory birds.

Unique Topography: The park’s varied topography, characterized by grassy plains, dense forests, and shimmering reservoirs, adds to its charm. The Udawalawa Reservoir, created by a dam across the Walawe River, is a central feature, attracting a multitude of wildlife, especially during the dry season.

Safari Adventures: Exploring Udawalawa National Park is a thrilling adventure. Jeep safaris are the primary mode of exploration, and experienced guides lead you on a journey through the park’s untamed beauty. The best times for wildlife sightings are early mornings and late afternoons.

Ethical Tourism: Udawalawa is dedicated to responsible and ethical tourism practices. Park authorities prioritize conservation and the well-being of the animals, ensuring that visitors have a memorable yet respectful experience with nature.

Elephant Transit Home: Adjacent to the park, the Elephant Transit Home is a rehabilitation center for orphaned elephant calves. Visitors can observe and support the efforts to rehabilitate these majestic creatures before their release back into the wild.

Education and Conservation: Udawalawa National Park is not only a place for wildlife enthusiasts but also a hub for conservation education. Visitors can learn about the park’s flora and fauna, as well as the critical conservation efforts taking place.

Photographer’s Paradise: Whether you’re a professional photographer or simply capturing memories with your smartphone, Udawalawa offers stunning landscapes and close encounters with wildlife, providing endless photo opportunities.

Udawalawa National Park is a sanctuary where nature’s wonders are on full display. It’s a place where the rhythms of the wild continue undisturbed, and where visitors can witness the beauty and complexity of Sri Lanka’s natural world. Come, embark on a safari through this incredible park, and let the untamed spirit of Udawalawa captivate your senses.


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